Arete Advisory Board Partners LLC

Standing with Chief Executive Officers in their quest for Arete*

*Arete [ahr-i-tey] noun - excellence; goodness; the ideal form of achievement; the act of living up to one’s potential, fulfilment of purpose

Many mid-tier businesses harbor “Hidden Seeds of Greatness” deep beneath preoccupations with current operating issues, legacy systems and long-standing processes.

A confidential advisory board relationship with four nationally recognized, multi-disciplined professionals can be a pathway for a Chief Executive Officer to unlock that potential ... a relationship presumed beyond reach for many mid-tier business leaders.

Arete Advisory Board Partners, LLC (Arete) is such an asset that is within reach ... a small and proven group of acclaimed, senior-level confidantes to support select Chief Executive Officers in growth trajectories to exceed recent results and move forward toward bigger horizons. Arete’s four advisors utilize proven business improvement frameworks and their extensive experience to provide independent, objective and mission critical advice to their clients. As an Arete client, you will work directly with our four advisors, not with junior staff often found at many other firms.

Arete’s focus on “CEO-ship”—the art of senior leadership in achieving growth and renewal in mid-tier companies, is the subject of Arete Advisor Dick Cross’s acclaimed books, Just Run It and 60-Minute CEO [linked to Amazon].

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Arete’s advisors commit to work together closely with only a few high-potential Chief Executive Officers and companies throughout the term of our relationship, providing our clients with actionable focus and direct access.