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The Advisors

Arete’s four advisors offer a rare and complimentary set of experience and expertise. Each has achieved national authority at the highest level within his field of specialty. Together, they invite a Chief Executive Officer to join in a “whole cloth” accelerant for mid-tier business breakthroughs.

Dick Cross

25+ years transforming underperforming companies, thirteen-time, hands-on CEO, consultant to over 100 other CEO’s, experienced corporate director, private equity veteran, best-selling business author, public speaker and originator of the Mid-Tier Presidents Course at Harvard.

Steve Hatfield

25+ years of accounting, auditing and business advisory services as a senior partner at EY and Andersen. Trusted advisor to numerous senior executives and audit committees addressing complex financial reporting, financing, business development or business process and control related matters.

Mel Passarelli

30+ years of leading the turnaround and growth of both private and public software companies. Chief revenue leader for a publicly listed NASDAQ software company, driving a 15x growth in revenues and a market capitalization to over $500M.

Stephen Poss

30+ years of business, corporate governance, and litigation practice services as a senior partner at a leading global law firm. Trusted confident and advisor to senior executives facing complex business, strategy, corporate governance, and legal problems.

Arete’s advisors’ cumulative experience has given them insights across a wide variety of key industries, including, among others, consumer and construction products, hardware and software, IT management, life sciences, medical devices, real estate investment, auto parts, fintech and payment processing, private equity, as well as functions critical to business growth and transformation, such as business planning and strategy, sales and marketing, manufacturing, business processes and internal controls, financial operating plans, debt and equity fundraising transactions, corporate governance, and customer recruitment and engagement. Our advisors have participated in countless board meetings and observed and aided Chief Executive Officers in interacting with their boards, senior management, and employees.